Product Features

THS-Neckfit Plus is made for people with deeper neck curve. The pillow is stitched across its length and width in the center, creating a plus '+' sign. It offers you 'Occiput-Pit' for curvacesous neck and supports the deep curve in the neck even though your head is rested on the bed at the same level as shoulder. When you turn to your side, your head and neck get the elevated support they need.
As the name suggests, Neckfit plus is a Big + if you have bigger neck curve. Your head would rest on the bed in alignment to your shoulders, while giving plus size support to your deep curved neck. Select this pillow to support your deep neck curve resting your head on the bed while sleeping on your back and support your neck and head at a height of 2.5 to 3.5 inches as you turn to your either side.