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 ASWEDA Flexi / Travel Pack

This Asweda pack has been designed for maximum impact while ensuring tremendous ease in carrying it around with you when you travel. Can be used just about anywhere on the body. Good to have one handy on those stressful business trips!
Heat and cold are the two most common types of pain-relief therapies for muscle and joint pain. Which one you use depends on whether the pain is new (acute) or recurring (somewhat older / chronic).
Asweda Wheat Bags are an excellent natural alternative for relieving aches & pains. They are 100% cotton bags, filled with carefully selected, high quality wheat grain. They can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer and are then applied to the body wherever healing or comfort is needed.
Material: 100% Cotton, Design: Colorful Pattern
Portable, easy to carry and available in travel friendly packs
Directions: COLD PACK - Simply store it in the freezer in a plastic bag and use it when you need a quick cool down or for helping with sprains and strains or new injuries by reducing inflammation & swelling.
HOT PACK - Place the Asweda wheat bag in the microwave along with a cup of water. Heat for 2 minutes on high.
Usage: Very effective for Back pain, Neck and Shoulder tension, Arthiritis, Muscular aches, Stiff joints, Winter warmth, Sport injuries, Fever, Cramps, Sprains and swellings, Headache and Tired eyes
Make sure the Asweda Wheat Bag is completely cool and moisture free before storing it in a cool dry place. It is recommended that the Asweda wheat bag be heated once a month for maintenance, when not in use, or else wrap it in a plastic bag and store it in the freezer.