Product Features

Rossmax GB 102 Upper Arm Manual Bp Monitor:
Rossmax GB-102 Aneroid Sphygmomanometer is accurate in readings due to its manual measurement. It is durable, batteries does not drain for long duration. Blood Pressure can be measure easily by listening to diastolic and systolic tone using a good stethoscope. 
1. Black enamel 300 mmHg no-pin stop manometer
2. Nylon Cuff
3. Bulb
4. Carrying case
Cuff Circumference: 24 - 32 cm
Measurement Range :0-300 mmHg
Accuracy                        : ±3 mmHg
Operation environment :10°C~40°C; 85% RH max
Storage environment :-10°C~60°C; 10%~90% RH max
Dimensions        : 52(L)x90(W)x33(H)mm