Product Features

  Compact Portable Foot Massager
 The JSB HF28 Compact Portable Foot Massager manages to deliver excellent messaging relaxation to your aching        feet by high grade multi function abilities. Created after extensive research in the field of relieving body stress, this  massager targets the foot with its kneading movement that is highly effective in reducing muscle fatigue.
 This is an amazing relaxing device that delivers high power action to targeted areas of your foot and reflex zones. The  highlight of this massager is its three programs including an Auto, individual and manual programme that make sure  you can personalize the massage type. It is a very helpful for people who deal with stress everyday and because of its  portable profile it can be used anywhere, anytime. The outer cover and detachable foot rest can be easily cleaned with  a cloth or water which makes it hassle free to re use. The JSB HF28 Compact Portable Foot Massager revitalizes your  body and has an affordable price that makes it the ultimate thing to take home.