Sissel Temp-Control Orthopaedic Pillow Classic

Product Features

Temp-Control Orthopedic Pillow
On our Temp-Control® sleep pillow, head and neck rest literally weightless. It perfectly adapts and provides a soft but stable base. The special shape
and material offer optimal support and guide the cervical spinal column into a correct position while you are sleeping. Joints and muscles can sufficiently
relax and regenerate, your blood circulation remains unobstructed. Now you are able to start the new day pain-free and without stiff neck! The
pillow is moulded into one piece, guaranteeing consistent quality and long life-span of the material. Contrary to other visco-elastic pillows, the filler
will not harden at low temperatures. Our soft cover made of fluffy velours offers absolute cuddle comfort.
The new quality in sleeping!
• outstanding pressure distribution
• open-cell, visco-elastic special foam with high stability
• especially suited to treat tense muscles
• perfectly adapts to the body, creating a soft but stable shape
• for pain-reduction and prevention of neck tensions
• pillow case made from high-quality velours (80% cotton/20% polyester),
with zipper, machine-washable at 40° C
• extra pillow cases available
• pillow core hand-washable
• available in 4 sizes: S (approx. 63 x 31 x 8 cm), M (approx. 63 x 31 x 10 cm),
L (approx. 63 x 31 x 13 cm) … also available: the shorter version of our popular
Temp-Control® sleep pillow: Classic – approx. 48 x 31 x 10 cm