Product Features

Features of Ambu Bag?
An ambu bag is used by nurses or respiratory therapists.  It forces air inside the lungs similar to mouth to mouth resuscitation. Ambu bags are available in different  sizes for adults, children and infants. Every patient requires different tidal volume of air depending upon his or her  age. An ambu bag consists of  one way valve, bag and adapter. The bag could be attached directly to an endotracheal tube or  to a mask with the help of the adapter provided. The one way valve in the device allows the flow of oxygen to the patient and also  prevents backward flow of exhaled air.  Te latest version of ambu bags  come with a reservoir which helps in enhancing the oxygen flow rate entering the patient.
How is Ambu Bag used?
An Ambu bag is basically divided into three parts. The oft air chamber is called as bag and it resembles the size of a football. This bag is connected to a face mask and a valve is placed in between the two. The mask is held tightly over both mouth and nose of the patient who is being resuscitated to make sure that the air enters the lungs and does not leak out from the mask. Two paramedics are requiresd to handle an ambu bag efficiently. One person holds the mask tightly whereas the other performs the task of squeezing the bag. Squeezing allows the oxygen to get inside the lungs of the patient. When the bag is released, it  inflates by drawing oxygen from the surrounding or from the oxygen cylinder attached to it.