Product Features

The Epi Forsa Plus is suitable for the treatment of epicondylitis humeri radialis and ulnaris. It applies targeted pressure in order to provide optimal relieve of the tendon insertions. Thanks to state of the art manufacturing technology, the Epi Forsa Plus is manufactured without seams in order to increase wearer comfort significantly. Combined with the skin friendly material (velour), this avoids skin irritation.
The Epi Forsa Plus features a stable plastic core with soft padding. It prevents the orthosis from buckling and ensures optimal pressure distribution. Pressure can be regulated dynamically and continuously using the elastic insert band.
The pads are attached with hook-and-loop material - applied to the pad for easier handling - to allow for precise compression. The universal size is suitable for all patients.
The Epi Forsa Plus can be used both for functional therapy and as a prophylaxis.