Product Features

Shaped like a collar, it encircles the neck & holds the neck in place- preventing over-stretching & wrong postures. Used for Neck pain of Cervical Spondylosis, Whiplash Injury, Cervical fracture, Neck strain, Stiff Neck
Helps to keep Head & Neck in proper alignment during travel
Memory Foam for Maximum Comfort
Easy to use U-shape
Extra soft fabric gives a luxurious feel
Super light-weight/ travel friendly
Lenght : 5 1/2 " 
Width  : 5 1/2" 
Height : 3 1/2" 
Full Support Keeps Head & Neck in Proper Alignment 
Memory Foam for Maxium Comfort, in an easy to use U-shape 
The extra soft fabric gives a luxurious feel. 
Super light-weight