Product Features

After sitting right back in your chair, if your feet dangle you need a Footrest. This is a more common problem for shorter people.
Basically, it is important to have your feet supported on the ground & your lower back supported by the backrest of the chair. None of these can be compromised, while sitting for long periods of time. If we sit without this awareness, it causes a slouched back with increased stress in the spine. Back pain becuse of this type of sitting is very common.
If you adjust your chair too low in order for your feet to touch the ground,the desk now will feel too high, making it uncomfortable to work, therefore this does not work too & a footrest is neccessary.
This Footrest helps to give support to your feet, helping you to sit back in the chair & lift your spine for an erect posture. This in turn decreases pressure on the lower back & prevents lower back pain.
Recommended for people taller than 5'4". If you are shorter, we recommend our 'Height Adjutsable Footrest' which will give you the correct customized support.
Lenght  : 17" 
Width    : 12 1/2" 
Height  : 3"
Movable; helps to keep feet active thus promotes blood circulation in the legs
Designed with Acupressure points to relieve stress on your body
Rubber grips on the floor to avoid slipping & unnecessary movements