Height Adjustable Laptop Stand

Product Features

Height Adjustable Laptop Stand
One of the major downsides of working on a laptop is that you will find yourself curled into a bad slouch in some hours of work or probably sooner. Laptop stands have always been a good answer to improving your office ergonomics which means improving comfort while you work on the laptop.
A laptop stand used on a desk, helps to increase the height of the laptop screen allowing it to be in line with your eyes. This new, improved height allows you to look straight at your screen rather than craning your neck downwards & forwards. As a result your head, neck & back overall can be much straighter, preventing unncessary & uncomfortable strain in your neck-shoulder muscles. It is an effective aid to prevent neck & upper body pain caused by long hours of laptop use.
Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis, Spinal Sprain & Strain could be caused as a result of poor posture habits over years. An Ergonomic Office Chair & Keyboard accessories along with the Laptop Stand, would help to make your office/home desk set-up ideal.
Lenght : 13 1/2 " 
Width : 11 1/2"
Height : base level 3 1/2 "
               maximum  upto  10 "
Designed to fit any laptop
Curved base allows air to pass through cooling the laptop
Cable manager
Optional :4 port USB hub allows you to keep your accessories plugged in when travelling with your laptop