Executive Mesh Chair (Narrow Back)

Product Features

Executive Mesh Chair (Narrow Back)
Sitting improperly for long hours places strain on the spine & legs. This can cause a multitude of health problems like back, neck, shoulder pain, leg cramps, headaches etc.
A largely sitting-based lifestyle is one of the biggest causes of back trouble today.
This Ergonomic Office Chair is designed to minimize physical effort & discomfort therefore maximize efficiency. This will help to prevent pain & also other health problems associated with poor sitting posture.
This Ergonomic Office Chair works best when it is adjusted & used correctly. Almost every part of the chair can be adjusted so that you can personalize it for your office set up & body frame. Height, recline, arm rest height, neck rest angle- are all easily adjustable.
The height of this chair & recline can both be easily adjusted by using buttons provided at the sides of the seat pan. This is a very 'Backfriendly' feature as you don't have to bend down & twist your back to make these adjustments
Keyboard accessories, footrest if feet dangle, document holder if you use documents at the desk & monitor stand are related products that will help to create a complete Ergonomic Workstation.
Features :
Durable high grade mesh for firm and effective back support
Mesh promotes air circulation preventing a hot & sweaty feeling while sitting for long hours 
Adjustable lumbar support: up to 10inches for personalised position of low back support 
Height adjustable armrests allow you to align your elbows in line with the keyboard, prevents tense shoulders & neck strain 
Height adjustable seat enables a 90 degree or greater angle, between your legs and thighs, prevents slouched back posture thus back pain 
Reclines up to 120 degrees-  reclining frequently helps to reduce pressure in the spine, similar to a passive back bend
Head rest allows you to offload the neck & rest your head back for comfort 
Special reclining mechanism allows you to recline 15 degrees more than most chairs, allowing you to offload pressure from the spine similar to while lying down. This is a very helpful tool to prevent back pain.