Flexi Support Chair

Product Features

Prolonged sitting can cause back pain. Poor posture is a serious problem amongst people that sit for long hours. Back pain, neck pain, wrist & hand pain are work-related injuries many people complain of.   Selecting your chair intelligently will help you prevent long term back-issues. This Ergonomic Chair is designed keeping health in mind.    A unique twin-back design grips your back with a flexible yet firm support, that prevents you from slouching or leaning forward. This twin backrest is height adjustable & thus can be personalised as per your height & dimensions. The chair has multiple-adjustments (arms rests, height, recline etc) enabling a personalised fit to suit individual users.    Using other related products like a Keyboard Tray, a Footrest & a Document Holder will help to make your entire workstation healthy & ergonomic. 
Twin back support, flexible & firm, that grips and holds your back
Height Adjustable back rest for personalised fit 
Head rest allows you to offload the neck & rest your head back for comfort 
Height adjustable armrests allow you to align your elbows in line with the keyboard, prevents tense shoulders & neck strain 
Height adjustable seat enables a 90 degree or greater angle, between your legs and thighs, prevents slouched back posture thus back pain